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sometimes you will find this as ‘crown of success’ and is meant to help in spells for succeeding in life and achieving your goals. Said to be especially influential for artists, singers, songwriters, writers, or those who make their living by creating this with their hands. However, it can just as easily be used by anyone who seeks to increase their mastery.

What you will need:

  • 7 purple spell candles


  • a silver needle

  • picture or photocopy of a crown

    This spell is to be performed for 7 days. The time of day is unimportant, as long as one candle per day is burned. First, you will write out your wish or petition on the picture of the crown. Allow the words you use to follow the outline of the crown, its inside lines and the base. The point is to make your words become the crown. In other words, if it were possible to erase the picture of the crown, your words left behind would still create the outline of a crown. Don’t get too obsessed with the artistry of it – just write on the lines and focus your intention. Anoint the four corners of the paper with the CROWN oil and set aside.

    Take the needle and carve the words ‘success’ and your name into each of the seven candles while thinking of your goal. Anoint each candle in an upwards motion with the CROWN OF ACHIEVEMENT oil. When you are ready to begin day one of your seven-day spell, place the crown petition under the candle holder and light the first candle and allow to burn completely until finished. With all of your candle already carved and anointed, on the following days, you only have to state your intention again before lighting the next candle. When the seven days are finished, and all candles have burned, get a fire- safe dish of some sort (like a cauldron or ashtray) and burn your petition. Take outside and blow the ashes to the East, the direction of the sunrise.

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