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UNCROSS AND REVERSE SPELL – this is used when you are certain that someone has worked magic against you. It is even more powerful if you know who that person is. Uncross and Reverse isn’t just about taking a jinx off of you – it’s also about returning it back to the sender so that they can experience the same misery they wished upon you. Those who do not wish to perform works of revenge usually don’t mind casting a reversing spell, as it sends nothing new out into the world – only reflecting back a work already created. For the spell below, if you do not know who cast the spell on you, simply use a blank icon of a person, such as a profile silhouette. 

What you will need: 

Picture of person who cast hex or curse 

small mirror 


Herbal Bath No 13

3 white spell candles 

1 black spell candle 


black cloth (about the size of a handkerchief) 

First, you will need to take a ritual bath to remove the crossed conditions from you. Light two of the white candles and place one on each side of the bath tub. Take a bowl into the bathroom with you. Draw warm water in the tub, only about an ankle length deep. Drizzle a few capfuls of UNCROSS AND REVERSE oil into the bath water along with a teaspoon of Herbal Bath No 13. If you do not wish to have loose herbs in the tub, you can tie the hyssop into a coffee filter and submerge in water when you begin to draw the bath or steep the hyssop ahead of time (the same way you would make tea) and include in the bath water. Undress and step between the lit candles and into the tub. While standing, begin to gather the bath water into the bowl and slowly pour over your head while reciting the 23rd Psalm. Repeat this uncrossing baptism seven times. Gather up some of the bath water into the bowl and set aside. You may now step out of the tub, blow out the candles, and towel dry. 

Take the picture of your enemy and draw X’s over the eyes and several across the mouth. Anoint the picture with the UNCROSS AND REVERSE oil in the sign of the cross and place the photo under the mirror. Anoint the white candle with both the oil and your bath water. Anoint the black candle with only the oil. Place candles on either side of the mirror and light, praying for your condition to be removed and sent back to where it came from. Don’t throw out the rest of the bath water yet. When the candles have finished burning, wrap the mirror and the picture of the person in the black cloth and hit with a hammer, breaking the glass. Tie up in a bundle. Throw the bath water toward the direction of the sunset (West) then drive the black bag off your property and bury it. 

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